BARE Kollections is a StartUp company and is not currently hiring for full time positions, but we know that is about to change in 2022. 

In the mean time we are welcoming Interns to work directly with the founder, Sanja Hadrovic, in a thriving self-managed environment, where she will personally guide you but will never micro-manage you.  She will welcome your ideas, opinions and suggestions with open arms.  

Sanja is a supervisor you never knew you needed in your career, she uplifts you, inspires you, encourages you, understands you and most importantly makes you feel important.   

"I feel that a company is only as good as the people who surround the conference room table.  I believe conference room discussions should be open to everyone in the company and not just a select few."


Internships available in the following areas:

1. Product Development

2. Supply Chain

3. Brand Design and Development

4. Content Marketing

5. Digital Marketing


-Sanja, Founder